Laboratory Equipments Bhutan

Ambala: The City of Scientific equipments
June 25, 2019

Infralab is a source of laboratory equipments for Bhutan. Bhutan is an emerging and very prosporus market for scientific laboratory equipments. Infralab products are very populer in Bhutan and other nebouring countries, Infralab caters to laboratory needs of Bhutan. Infralab exports laboratory equipments and other scientific instruments to bhutan through its stong dealer network in Bhutan. Infralab supllies not only Physics Lab equipments to Bhutan but other laboratory equipments like microscopes, glassware, petroleum and oil testing equipments, analytical, clinical and industrial equipments. Educational kits and other teaching aids to Bhutan are supplied by Infralab. Bhutan laboratory equipments are mainly supplied by Infralab and for what it has been awarded with many rewards.

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