Ambala: The City of Scientific equipments

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May 9, 2014
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March 3, 2021

Scientific Laboratory equipment Industry in Ambala is one among the growing industries of Haryana. Ambala, a small town located very near to Chandigarh, is also called City of Scientific Instruments. The Industry gives employment to thousands of people. It is a major scientific product’s market and is a hub of products like glass apparatus, microscopes, laboratory equipments etc. Ambala constitutes nearly 34% of the total production of scientific instruments produced in India. Scientific instruments of Ambala are well known in India and the countries abroad. Exports from Ambala have grown to almost five times in the last decade. Laboratory Glassware like Burette, pipette, Beaker etc are manufactured here. Ambala also serves the world with the high quality Microscopes. Ambala feeds Education Sector with its high grade lab instruments to Schools, Colleges, and Research Institutes.

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