Interactive Flat Panel in Himachal Pradesh

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June 25, 2019

Successfully installed Interactive Flat Panel Display in Himachal Pradesh at Government colleges, schools and universities. Buy interactive flat panel in Himachal Pradesh from Infralab, call +91-9813232101, +91-9355106486, +91-8295619184.

Infralab – The Pioneer Company offering Interactive Flat Panel in Himachal Pradesh through GEM and offline.
Interactive Flat Panel is a touch display complete with annotation software that can be operated with the touch of a finger or dummy pen. With more than 1000 installations of interactive flat display panel in Himachal Pradesh, we take pride in serving government colleges, government schools, government primary schools, government senior secondary schools, government high schools, government research centers, government libraries, government hospitals and railway stations. Infralab Model IIFD comes in different sizes: 40 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, 80 inches and bigger sizes.
Call on +91-9355106486, +91-9813232101 or +91-8295619184 to inquire about interactive flat panel display.
To inquire specifications and interactive flat display price in India , you can also visit our website –
Sharing a picture of smart classroom (Interactive Flat Display and Digital Podium) at Govt. College Una


Delivering our vision to power education system, we will keep on strengthening education in Himachal Pradesh by offering advanced smart classroom solutions. Have a look at our hi-tech interactive Flat Display:


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