Paraffin Wax Bath
July 10, 2020
Oil Bath
July 10, 2020
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Tissue Floatation Bath is used in preparing tissues by floating paraffin ribbons, stretching sections of slide and removing wrinkles. Infralab manufactures Tissue Floatation Bath Model IHE17 and supply to histology lab, pathology labs, medical laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, research labs and universities. Tissue Floatation Bath is available on GEM – the government e-marketplace.


  • Fabrication: Double Wall Fabrication
  • Inner Chamber Material :Black Oxidized Aluminum
  • Exterior Wall: Mild Steel Sheet duly powder coated
  • Temperature: Ambient to 90°C with accuracy ±1°C
  • Thermostatic /Microprocessor Controls Available


  • Diameter 200mm X Depth 75mm
  • Diameter 250mm X Depth 125mm