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February 24, 2022
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Mechanical Balance
Mass Mechanical Balance is used in physics laboratory to carry out a number of physics
experiments. The mechanical balance has a twin end sharp beam that oscillates horizontally
over the fulcrum. It works on the principal of Hook’s Law, wherein the weights are hung over the
bearing. Infralab manufactures mechanical scales in India and supply to physics labs in schools,
colleges, universities and research centers. Electronic Scale is available on GEM – the
government e-market place.
Fabrication of Mass Mechanical Scale:
 Body: Made of Steel duly powder coated
 Mechanism: Single Rectangular Beam with two sliding scales to carry weights
 Detachable Tray easy to replace and reposition
 Extensible Scale Range Available
 Zero Range Option Available
 0 to 5kg (divided into 20gm each) weight indicated through scale carrying sliding weight
 Hanger & Slotted Mass (1 unit each of both) are provided to maximize the balance’s
 Suspended Hanger over the beam’s end increase the balance’s capacity to 10kg. Scale
reading starts from 5kg onwards up to 10kg.
 Each added slotted mass increases balance’s capacity to 15kg. And, the scale reading
starts from 10kg onwards up to 15kg.
 Second Scale reads 0 to 1kg (divided into 10gm each)
 16kg Total Capacity
 Up to 10gm scale reading available