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June 30, 2020
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July 1, 2020
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Vertical Autoclave Model – IHE53 is a cleaning equipment (Histopathology equipment) used to sterilize medical equipment at high pressure. Infralab manufactures radial locking based stainless steel Vertical Autoclave in India. Model IHE53 is available on GEM – the government e-marketplace.

 Product Highlights:

  • Body: High Grade Stainless Steel (Inner Chamber, Outer Chamber, Heat Cover, Carrier)
  • Locking System: Radial Locking Arrangement
  • Pressure Guage
  • Manual Exhaust Valve
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Double Safety Valve
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • Drain Valve
  • Jointless Rubber Gasket
  • Control Panel

Chamber Size  (Dia X Depth)             Load              Capacity   
250 x 450mm                                       2KW               22 Ltrs.
300 x 500mm                                       3KW               40 Ltrs.
350 x 550mm                                       4KW               50 Ltrs.
400 x 600mm                                       5KW               78 Ltrs.
450 x 600mm                                       5KW               98 Ltrs.
550 x 750mm                                       6KW               152 Ltrs.


  • Automatic Pressure Control Switch
  • Automatic low-water level cut off-device
  • Water level arrangement
  • Dressing Bins of various sizes