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May 21, 2020
May 21, 2020
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Redwood Viscometer

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Red Wood Viscometer conforms to the requirements of IP 70. This method determines the viscosity of an oil as a time of flow in seconds through Redwood Viscometer. It does not measure viscosity in the absolute units. This method is primarily intended for the determination of the viscosity of any petroleum product which flows in a Newtonian manner. Two forms of viscometer are available. The Redwood No I and No II .These instruments are suitable for use with oils having flow time, at the temperature of the test, not less than 30secs. When flow time with No. I instruments exceeds 2000 sec. The No II instruments shall be used. The complete instrument comprises of stove hammer finished shield, stainless steel bath with electrical heating arrangements, suitable to operate on ,220 volts A.C Mains or gas heating arrangements, with tap, silver plated oil cup with precision stain less steel jet, cup cover, ball valve, thermometer clip, stirrer and M.S sheet stand with leveling screws.