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Infralab AC/DC Power Supply is to select accurate AC and DC voltage for physics experiments and projects. This product features three fully regulated DC supply outputs and two AC center tap outputs. Two of the DC’s are continuously variable and one is fixed. Both AC outputs are fixed. Infralab manufactures AC/DC Power Supply in India and supplies it to schools, colleges, electronic & physics laboratories, research centers, training centers and universities. AC/DC Power Supply is available on GEM – the government e-market place.
Technical Specification :

  • Output DC: 1) 1.5VDC – 15VDC @ 1Amp, 2) -1.5VDC to -15VDC,  3) 5VDC @ 3 Amps.
  • Output AC: 1) 6.3VAC @ 1Amp, 2) 12.6VAC @ 1Amp
  • Input: 110VAC (line cord included).
  • Features short circuit protection on all supplies.
  • Variable DC outputs can be stacked to get 3-30VDC @ 1Amp.
  • Fully assembled , accurate and tested
  • Excellent for classroom teaching and electronic laboratories.

Ranges available:

IE 023 2-12V/ 1Amp
IE 025 2-12V/ 3Amp
IE 026 2-12V/ 5Amp
IE 027 2-16V/ 3Amp
IE 028 2-24V/ 3Amp
IE 029 2-24V/ 5Amp